Prebuilt wood oven in refractory cotto tile

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Family Line, the quality of the traditional cotto oven is now suitable for every family

The “Forno del Nonno” marries the quality of the traditional cotto oven with the practicality and benefit of the prebuilt recessed oven. The oven can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments. The dome is in refractory bricks, stabilized externally with a mortar that ensures its robustness. The hob entirely made in cotto guarantees food a healthy environment, uniform distribution of heat and the inimitable taste of tradition.

Prebuilt recessed oven of Famiglia line – easily maneuverable even without means with four handles secured to the outside of the dome – are specifically designed for domestic installation. They are available in four sizes, to support the most diverse installation needs optimising the ratio between volume and cooking capacity:

Famiglia line ovens can be combined with any customized smoke outlet solution. The package includes the leaflet with the necessary instructions. The Forno del Nonno firm provides two complementary solutions:


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